Lexus GS Death Rumors: Breaking News or Fake News?

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Lexus GS

Rumors come and go, but the impending end of the Lexus GS has persisted for years now. But is there any truth behind it?

As with many other walks of life, the rumor mill in the automotive world is persistent and unrelenting. And, if you were to do the math, true roughly half the time. But one particular rumor that has persisted longer than most is the one surrounding the future (or lack of one) of the Lexus GS sedan. Many in the automotive circle believe that the GS is on its death bed. That it’s only a matter of time before the mid-size sedan goes away forever. But Club Lexus member MyLexus007, for one, doesn’t believe the hype.

“So, recent articles suggest Lexus might discontinue the GS,” writes MyLexus007. “Based on the reasons they mention, I think it’s absurd. But nevertheless, it’s good to hear what everybody thinks.

“For me, a previous owner of an ES350 UL, ES300h, and now GS350 F-Sport (plus other RX, RXh), I think it doesn’t make any sense for Lexus to use the ES as a midsize replacement for the GS,” he continues. “The ES is a great vehicle, but its mission is different than the GS. Yes, GS doesn’t sell well. But it’s hard to believe Lexus spent millions on the RC and LC to convey their sporty image, only to abandon an important segment. Even if the GS doesn’t sell or loses money, Lexus must have them to compete against the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series.”

Lexus GS

The OP makes a few solid points here. But he also has a few theories as to what Lexus vehicles are more likely to receive the ax.

“If anything, I believe the following Lexus models will be discontinued (in order):

1. CT – will be replaced by the UX.
2. RC – probably going to last one generation (albeit a long one – 8 years).
3. LC – one generation (yes, it’s not out yet, but I see it as a one generation like the SC, 8-10 years).
4. GX – if the redesign gets to LX price levels.”

Unsurprisingly, most Club Lexus members love the GS and don’t want to see it go away. And most agree with the idea that Lexus has to have some sort of Mercedes/BMW fighter. Including dougm213.

“I can’t see Lexus without a competitor for the 3-series/C-Class (thus ES is safe) or the 5-Series/E-Class (thus GS), nor the 7-series/S-Class (thus LS). Add in the Audi A4/A6/A8 to the equation. To be considered a luxury brand, these are the segments. Now if automakers quit these segments it’s possible, but that doesn’t look likely. Does anyone believe that if they drop the GS in its current form, they won’t replace it with another vehicle in this segment?”

Lexus GS

As this thread has evolved over the last year and a half, the tone has changed, however. The introduction of the new ES has a lot to do with that, of course. And the longer we go without hearing of a potential replacement for the GS, the less likely it becomes. But still, we want to know what you think! Will Lexus really get rid of the GS for good, or will they surprise us with a new one this coming auto show season? Head over here and chime in with your thoughts!

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