Lexus Filling In Voids? GS 300h & GS F!

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Without a doubt Lexus created waves with the introduction of the agile and fun-to-drive 4th generation GS. It has the look, it has the feel but it certainly missing a few things which Mercedes Benz and BMW have addressed with the popular E Class & 5 Series respectively. As it appears in these photos from Mag X, Lexus may be working on a plan of attack from low and high! Can you say GS 300h & GS F?

Lexus GS 300h
Say hello to what could be a high efficiency low CO2 emitting GS Hybrid and the peformance king, a 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8 powered GS F! A new Toyota Crown was recently introduced in Japan with an all-new 2.5L 4 cyl 2AR-FSE with Hybrid Synergy Drive. This would make sense to make a possible GS 300h. Think 3.0L V6 power with the efficiency of a 2.5L 4 cyl engine. Can you say high 30, low 40 MPG-land?

Lexus GS F
This is something we are obessively dreaming about, a GS that could finally go toe to toe with the E63 AMG and the M5! It’s reported than a possible GS F could share a 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8 found in the IS F. We’re hoping that this 5.0L V8 carries significantly more horsepower and hopefully with the aid  of some forced induction. A minimum of 500+ is a must! Now that we have LFA & IS F, we need a Lexus performance vehicle to bridge that gap. The photos below depict an Ultrasonic Blue looking GS with some modifications.

Note the chrome border on the lower part of the upper grille, the side vents on the front bumper and a reworked lower front fascia. There also appears to be a fender vent like the IS F.

The LS style exhaust tips are gone, but larger openings seem to give way to a quad exhaust rear end. The lower center valence appears to be similar to the TRD Japan F SPORT accessories. Also note the upper decklid spoiler which arches over the L badge on the trunk lid.

Of course these photos are a bit out of focus but it gives us an idea of what may come. We love the new 4th Generation GS as this is the best handling Lexus sedan by far. It has the agility, the looks but unfortunately with the current powertrain offerings it doesn’t match the rest. The 2GR-FSE and 2GR-FXE are great powertrains but they are carried over from the last generation. It’s all about having the perfect balance and offering a wider range in a very important segment. Come on Lexus, it’s time to shine, bring us the goods!
What do you think of these spy shots of what looks to be a future GS 300h & GS F? Talk about it HERE! >>

Photos: Mag X

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