Leonardo DiCaprio’s Old GS Sold on Ebay

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Lexus generally do a good job of keeping their value over time relative to other cars. That said… Would I pay $20,000 for ’99 GS with 148,000 miles on it? Heeell no.
But this particular GS was Leonardo Di Caprio’s daily driver. That changes things.

You may think you’re just buying an old GS, but in reality, you’d be buying a piece of hollywood history. Who knows what kind of hollywood hijinks happened in this car? While it was in Leonardo’s care, that passenger seat has touched the buns of Blake Lively, Monica Hansen, Bar Refaeli, even Gisele Bundchen. If one iota of that Leonardo’s super model magnetism that Leonadro rubbed off on this thing, it’d be well worth it.

Check out the listing on ebay here.
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