Justin Bell Straps Road Flares to the Lexus IS F’s Fast Booty

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Lexus IS F at the Streets of Willow Springs

If you’ve watched the BBC’s Top Gear in the past few years, you may be familiar with how Jeremy Clarkson sarcastically introduces the show. His opening voice-over goes something like, “Tonight … I frighten an elderly man, Richard sings a lullaby to a police officer, and James mumbles at a box of tampons.” Clarkson’s context-averse introduction of extremely specific points in the show is somehow more effective than the typical highly contextual TV show intro.

In the video below, Justin Bell affixes road flares to the back of a Lexus IS F, and has to lap Willow Springs three times (in the night) before the flares burn out. Interesting challenge, but my typical description paints a limited picture. I think it would be more interesting if Jeremy Clarkson were to describe it. It would probably go something like, “Today on the World’s Fastest Car Show, Justin Bell tries to set the Lexus IS F on fire.” Yes, much better.

I believe you’ve been briefed enough to hit the play button below.

via [Motor Trend Channel]

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