Jungle Boogie: New Toyota Hilux Commercial is Delightfully Bonkers

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My first thought when I saw this Hilux spot was, “Toyota has to advertise the Hilux? Really?” Because I honestly thought the lads from Top Gear already made a two-part, 40-minute commercial for that truck. You know, where they tried to kill one?

With a legacy as storied as the Hilux–the pickup is quite literally battle tested–you’d think these babies would fly off the dealer lots as fast as Toyota could produce them. But apparently, not everyone in the world watches Top Gear, so the company still feels a need to advertise the amazingly resilient 4×4. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with the spots, and ad agency Dentsu Aegis sure did here.
The action starts as a group of techno-loving, head-bopping businessmen stop to take a leak in the jungle. There’s a gorilla, a dance number, Tarzan and jungle babes. It’s a hell of a spot. Enjoy. 
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