January 2004 Featured Car

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 Screen Name: 1SICKLEX
 Age: Forever!
 Profession: Manager
 Car model: Lexus ES 300
 Car year: 1997
 Engine size: GS 400
 Color: Pearl Diamond White


1. Engine:

  1. SRT Intake w/ Race-ECU

2. Exhaust:

  1. Borla Exhaust

3. Suspension:

  1. TRD STB
  2. TRD LCB
  3. TRD Sway Bars
  4. UGO Rear STB
  5. Espelir Springs
  6. L-Tuned Shocks

4. Exterior:

  1. ClubLexus Stickers!

5. Wheels

  1. WEDS 18" Farmas DP-V11 Rims

6. Brakes:

  1. OEM-Size Front Slotted & Crossed Rotors
  2. OEM-Size Rear Slotted & Crossed Rotors

1SICKLEX has been a faithful member of ClubLexus ever since the beginning of its existence. He is a true car-enthusiast at heart. On the forums, he is always willing to help others and provide advice.

He has been (and still is) a great friend to all the members here (he is considered family on ClubLexus) and amongst other enthusiast websites.

1SICKLEX is also a major part of the ClubLexus administration and is involved with the maintenence of the forums.

We are extremely glad that he and the others were not seriously injured during the unfortunate accident. Although his white GS 400 is now gone (has been declared totalled), it is still with him in spirit. "It will never die!"

Thanks 1SICKLEX for your awesome contributions to ClubLexus and we know that you’ll always keep riding with the Lexus spirit!




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