IS F Special Edition “Dynamic Sport Tuning” Package

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Starting today, Lexus Japan dealerships will start offering a special edition package for the IS F called “Dynamic Sport Tuning”. This special package will be a limited edition package featuring a 423 HP 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8, and parts featured from the IS F CCS-P (Circuit Club Sports Parts) manufactured by TRD Japan. This special edition package is another performance kaizen to the IS F by Chief Engineer Yaguchi.

The IS F DST will feature seven exterior colors which 217- Starlight Black/Stargazer Black will be unique to the DST package. Four different interior trims will be available with select exterior colors. A titanium exhaust will be available which saves 15 lbs. from the stock exhaust unit. Special carbon fiber front spoilers and rear diffuser will help high speed cornering and stability. Special dark carbon fiber trim replaces the light composite carbon trim and orange accents highlight the Brembo Brakes and trim on the inside. 

Aside from the exterior and interior upgrades, the IS F DST will benefit from new bonding techniques which helps increase unibody rigidity. These techniques have been adopted from the new 3rd Generation IS. It’s uncertain that the IS F DST package will be available worldwide, but we hope we can obtain this stateside as the IS F is rumored to be special order only for 2014.

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Source: [Lexus Japan]

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