IS Coupe, IS Wagon or IS SUV: What’s Next?

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Now with the 3rd Generation IS in production and on dealership floors worldwide, everyone is now wondering what’s next for the number one Japanese luxury manufacturer. Is a coupe coming? Is a new small SUV on the horizon? Will the new IS have an offspring? Matt Campbell of interviews Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama about whats next with Lexus.

According to Drive, Lexus is working flat out on new developments in the next few years. During their conversation with the IS chief engineer, the IS chief engineer talks about the future and what the global market wants. It’s unclear at this point what they will produce but they would need to offer a happy medium for all their markets. Furuyama-san says: 

“Of course, US say ‘oh, the bigger SUV is number one’, and Europe says ‘no, no, no – we don’t need a bigger SUV, we need a wagon or small SUV’; so we have to manage many requests from global, and make a decision which model is the first priority and which model is the most efficient,”

It’s still a mystery to everyone on what Lexus will be coming up with next in the near future but with the release of two different colored LF-LC concepts and one LF-CC concept, we have a strong feeling that a coupe is in our near future. The biggest question is will it be an IS based coupe, GS based, LS based or something entirely different? We still want that GS F! We’ll have to wait and see.
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