Hydrogen-Powered Lexus LFA-h’s V10 Pumps Out 600hp!

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In this case, the little “h” stands for hydrogen instead of Lexus’ normal definition of hybrid. And before you go crying about how the super car is being diluted–literally–by water, just keep in mind the LFA-h makes 600 hp. To good to be true? Hit the jump to check out the video.

As it turns out, it probably is too good to be true. The vid was put together, not by Lexus, but by film school graduate Simon Brown. Despite Lexus not having said a word about the potential for a hydrogen model of their bellicose coupe, Toyota has announced their intention to build tens of thousands of hydrogen powered vehicles by 2020. We’re keeping our fingers crossed until then. 

What do you think about this earth-friendly LFA? Do you think Lexus should offer it for sale? Head over to the Forum and sound off! >>

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