How-To Tuesday: Lexus IS Power Gains

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If you’ve always wanted your Lexus IS 250 or IS 350 (particularly those built between 2005 and 2014) to move just a little quicker, today’s How-To Tuesday article is just for you.

And by “a little,” we really do mean it, as you’ll be hard pressed to see monumental horsepower gains from any of the options outlined in the article: supercharging, turbocharging, or nitrous.

Unfortunately, if you want significant power gains, you may be in the wrong car, as the IS 250 and IS 350 aren’t exactly the best tuning cars. And the gains you can make won’t come cheap, and will likely void your powertrain’s warranty.┬áStill, you can expect to see a 40hp to 60hp bump, depending on the mod.

If that sounds ample enough, then it’s time to pick the right mod for you. As far as whether or not you prefer supercharging (forcing more air into the motor), turbocharging (forcing more air by using a turbine), or nitrous (forcing nitrous in, providing more oxygen), that’s what today’s How-To article is all about! And bonus, it also give you some different options for each type of modification.

So hurry up and start charging, because like Mother Theresa once said: “The world needs more fast Lexus cars!”

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