Holy LFA Nürburgring Batman!

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The rarest of the rare Lexus LFA’s has finally surfaced back east. Not only is it 1 of 500, it’s also 1 of up to 50 LFA Nürburgring Packages ever produced. Known as 9K4, the Matte Black exterior of this LFA Nürburgring Package could possibly be the only one of its kind in existence!

Aside from being a rare limited-run vehicle, the LFA Nürburgring Package features 10 additional HP, a beefed up transmission, exclusive carbon fiber additions, a stiffer 10mm lower KYB suspension, special BBS mesh wheel shod with ultra sticky street-legal Bridgestone Potenza RE070 and legit Nürburgring Nordschleife creds. This special LFA has achieved the 4th fastest lap time of a production vehicle at a blazing 7:14:64 around the infamous green hell.
Matte Black is one of the 20 (of a total of 30) special order exterior colors for LFA and carries a $20,000 price tag. Add on the Nürburgring Package’s premium to the $375,000 base price and you can figure out what this limited edtion LFA is worth. We first saw the stealth bomber look of Matte Black on one of the first LFA prototypes brought over to the United States. Congratulations to the newest LFA owner!
Fun Facts:
13 Matte Black (9K4) LFA built
9 – Japan
1 – Europe
1 – Middle East
2 – United States (1 Nürburgring Package)
So what do you think of this Lexus Batmbile? You can chat about it in our exclusive LFA forum HERE!! >>

Photos: @cooney66

Video: ezturbo

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