Hennessey Dines With LFA Owners And Is Impressed!

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Renowned supercar tuner John Hennessey had an opportunity to dine with two Lexus LFA owners and had nothing but praise for Lexus’ approach to building their first supercar. He even goes as far as to asking the owners why they picked the LFA over a Ferarri or other super cars out there.

“Had dinner with 2 Lexus LFA owners last might. I asked them why the bought this car over a Ferrari 599 GTO which is in the same $400k price range. Answer? Lexus reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding dealer service. Plus some amazing factory perks like private track time st the Nurburgring. Lexus did it right and I’m impressed with their overall approach in how they’ve jumped into the supercar market.” – John Hennessey

Sure there maybe faster cars out there for a fraction of the price, but there is a science to why it took them that long to create such a feat. It is laudable when a supercar tuner recognizes a project that Lexus carefully crafted and perfected. What more can you ask for? The Lexus ownership experience and a lifetime Nürburgring experience. May the LFA effect continue!

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