Happy Thanksgiving from Club Lexus

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During the long holiday weekend many of us will travel to visit relatives, while
others will stay home to spend time with friends and family. Some will consume
large amounts of turkey and fall into a tryptophan-induced food coma. A handful
of the less fortunate will be lured into the post-Thanksgiving holiday gift
buying frenzy resulting in unwelcome door dings on our fine cars in the mall
parking lot.

I joined Club Lexus in early 2000 back when it was hosted
on ‘EzBoard’. I did a whole lot of lurking and very seldom posted anything. When
I did post, it was usually just about my Lexus or some modification I wanted to
do to it.

Over time I learned more and more about many of the members
here on CL. Shared in their experiences both good (folks getting married, having
babies) and bad (getting laid off due to the economy or auto accidents). I
attended and arranged local and regional Club Lexus meets to actually see not
only the cool cars, but also to meet the cool people I’d shared experiences with
here on our forum. And I slowly realized that Club Lexus has grown into much
more than an auto-enthusiast website.

I know that appreciation for our
Lexus automobiles draws us to this forum, but I’d like to personally give thanks
to you – the folks that make Club Lexus something larger than just another car
website. Thank you for the sense of community and friendship many of us

All the staff at Club Lexus wish you and your family a very happy
Thanksgiving. We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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