Gazoo Racing LFA Ready For 2013 Nürburgring 24

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TMC’s factory race team Gazoo Racing will be flexing its muscles once again against the world at the 41st Nürburging 24 Hour Race in May. A press conference headed by TMC President & CEO, Akio Toyoda announced that Gazoo Racing will be entering their Toyota 86 and the “F” performance flagship, Lexus LFA race car at this year’s Nürburgring 24. This will be Gazoo’s seventh appearance (fifth for LFA) at this grueling 24 race, continuing the legacy of the Meister of Nurburgring, the late Hiromu Naruse.

The “MN” of GRMN stands for “Meister of Nürburgring” which master Toyota test driver Hiromu Naruse was known as. The Nürburgring and the Nürubrgring 24 Hour Race were integral in the development of the LFA. Although LFA bears the “F” in it’s name (Fuji Speedway), Naruse-san and Chief Engineer Tanahashi spent countless hours tuning and perfecting the super car around the 2.8 Mile “Green Hell”. 

Base vehicle LEXUS LFA
Engine Model 1LR-GUE
Total emission 4.805L
Fuel supply system Electronically controlled fuel injection system
Maximum output More than 367kW (500PS)
Tire Bridgestone race tires 330/40R 18 only
Vehicle dimensions 
(mm) Overall width 1,200 height 1,950 × 4,455 × length
Wheelbase 2,605 mm
Drive system (Rear-wheel drive) 2WD
Transmission Sequential paddle shift MT
Skin color CFRP color for the race (carbon fiber reinforced plastic)
Til this day Nürubrgring 24 Hour is undoubtedly a special race for LFA, not only for its heritage, but also an opportunity to improve and develop better future Lexus products. Akio Toyoda’s vision of making “fun to drive” and emotional cars are coming to fruition thanks to the “LFA Effect”. Because of LFA, Lexus is finally creating products that are desirable once again.
Here is a video overview of the 2013 Gazoo Racing Nürburgring 24 Hour Toyota 86 & Lexus LFA:

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