Future: 2014 Lexus Baby RX?

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As we get closer to the 2012 Paris Motor Show, a certain speculative Japanese mag has published another interpretation of a sub RX looking vehicle. Some say it’s a hot version of the hot selling CT 200h compact luxury hybrid, others are thinking it’s a BMW X1 & Benz GLK fighter.

Whatever this vehicle maybe, the luxury CUV market is growing, and Lexus should offer a vehicle in a category they practically invented. Lexus reigns king with the benchmark RX since its inception in 1998 and continues to be the best selling luxury crossover sport utility vehicle to date. If Lexus does produce this vehicle, lets hope it’ll come with four wheel drive. An F SPORT model wouldn’t hurt either!

So what do you think of the latest Lexus CUV/SUV rendering? Should Lexus do it? Talk about it here! >>

Photo by CL Member: asoksevil

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