First Annual East Coast Lexus Enthusiast Event – 2005

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All Lexus enthusiasts are invited to attend the First Annual East Coast Lexus Enthusiast Event this summer! This exciting event will be hosted by Team Lexus at their facility near Baltimore, MD. The primary meet will be on Saturday, August 20, but informal events will also be held on Friday and Sunday. Our target audience for this meet is enthusiasts from the entire east coast and caravan groups will be planned from most major east coast cities.

We selected the Baltimore / Washington DC area as being somewhat central for our first big meet; and because it has a ready-built population of hundreds of hardcore Lexus enthusiasts within a few hours drive. During our search for a good meet location in the DC area, Team Lexus graciously offered to be our host!

Team Lexus is anticipating having their mule 2006 Lexus IS350-based racecar on hand for our group to inspect, as well other past racecars, and turbo IS300 drift cars. Chuck Goldsborough, Team Lexus Lead Driver will also be on hand to speak about the new car and upcoming race season. Lexus will also have guest speakers and host a Q&A session for our group.

Most importantly this event is our opportunity to meet other Lexus enthusiasts in person and finally check out their rides. You've chatted with them on forums like ClubLexus, My.IS, Lexusownersclub and SELOC, you've seen the pictures of their cars and modifications. Now you can check them both out in the real world.

Check out the posts in ClubLexus Northeast regional forum or for more details.

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