F SPORT 102: The Performance Triangle

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Happy F SPORT Friday! This is the second week of the F SPORT Friday series. This week’s lesson talks about “The Performance Triangle” and how each level of F SPORT enhances the Lexus IS experience. Do you have an IS? Have you ever wondered what F SPORT is all about and how to take your Lexus to the next level? F SPORT 102 will guide you in the right direction.

The Performance Triangle formula starts at the base: the rear wheel drive IS. The second level is the F SPORT Factory Package which enhances handling, adds attractive aesthetics and retains ride quality. For those looking for greater performance, the F SPORT Accessories Package allows an owner to customize and fine tune the level of performance they want. But for those looking for the ultimate IS experience, the IS F is the top choice in the triangle. They are also the only aftermarket accessory parts that can be backed by your factory Lexus warranty!

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IS 350 F Sport

IS 350 F Sport Accessory Package



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