Don’t Forget Dad: ClubLexus’ Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is June 17th, and if you’re like most guys, you haven’t even thought about it. But not to fear! We’ve assembled a great list of gifts for the Lexus-loving Dad. Check out our picks!

Lexus Tumi Messenger Bag 

For busy urbanites, a stylish messenger bag is a total necessity. There’s plenty of room for a laptop and assorted paraphernalia, and you can put stuff in them without taking them off. One nice benefit of gifting this slick bag will be that you can make fun of your Dad for being a hipster. That’s worth the money right there. 

LE MANS 24 HOURS Hotel De L`Univers-Tours 

This year will mark the 89th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s longest running automotive endurance race. Over the course of its history, it’s been the stage for the automotive world’s most inspiring triumphs and darkest tragedies, and it’s a spectacle which demands to be seen in person. Take Dad.

 Leave it to Brooks Brothers to answer that most pressing of human conundrums: “How many polo shirts does one man need?” The answer is 44–one in every color they make. If Dad were to continually cycle through them, that works out to only about eight wears per shirt every year. That’s like a lifetime supply of shirts!

Titleist has been manufacturing some of the world’s best golf balls for over 100 years, and its Lexus-branded models are the perfect complement when Dad wants to go spoil a good walk. These  professional-grade golf balls are the only thing Dad will enjoy driving more than his Lexus.  
You can drive in regular sneakers. You can also buy your cell phone at a gas station. Piloti has been the choice of legendary drivers like Phil Hill, Sir Stirling Moss and Bob Bondurant, which will put Dad in good company footwear-wise. Plus, these babies are designed by Italians, so they’ll look sharp even if he never sets foot on a track.

Cars are meant to driven, and when they’re driven, there are all kinds of ways the paint can get chipped. But when it does, Genicolor’s touch-up pens make fixing little nicks a snap. The site has a huge index of paint colors, and has instructions on where to find your if you’re unsure. Give him one for the glovebox.
When are you too old to play with toy cars? The correct answer is never. But even if Dad doesn’t wind up on the floor on the floor of his office making vroom vroom sounds, any of these models will look great on his desk.  

We seriously don’t know how much we have to say about this package. $895 gets Dad seat time in a Ferrari 430, Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago, Bentley Continental GT, and Aston Martin DB9. Given that some of these machines have operating costs that rival jet aircraft, that seems like a steal. Sold.

$3000 and Up 
There are acres of cool timepieces on the Bell & Ross website, all the way from 150k mechanical wonders to more “affordable” options like the aviation-inspired wrist watches pictured above–square has never looked so cool. So Spoiler alert, some of the models costing as much as a 997 Turbo are unavailable.

If there’s one generalization you can make about car enthusiasts, it’s that they’re all particular about keeping their rides spic and span. And this Wax Attack Polisher from Mothers’ will insure that putting on a solid coat of wax won’t take all afternoon. Let Dad spend more time driving and less waxing!

This lapel pin is understated and classy, just like Dad’s ride. It’s a great way to let him show his love for the brand without being over the top. 

Don’t you hate it when you head out to your palatial garage only to discover that the batteries on several of your favorite rides have gone dead while you’ve been jet-setting around the globe? Optima hates that too, so they made this hyper cool battery charger/tender. Hey, first-world problems are still problems.

You know how we mentioned that some exotics have operating costs that rival private jets? That was a joke. Even when compared to flakey Italian supercars, private jets are crazy expensive to fly. But you set the schedule, you don’t have to sit next to an obsese motor-mouth, and most importantly, there’s no TSA to deal with.

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