Don’t Call It A Station Wagon, It’s a SportCross!

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 Automotive rendering wiz Theophilus Chin has worked his magic once again and created a modern version of the defunct IS SportCross. It’s been told there are no plans to develop a 3rd generation IS Sport Cross but there’s always curiosity this car would look like in different configurations.

He’s also done renderings of what a new generation IS F sedan and coupe could look like. One could imagine that a new IS SportCross would have the typical Luxury and F SPORT version, but what about a V8 powered F version? Now that would be one interesting anti-SUV like the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. 

We know a “wagon” variant would be a slow seller in the IS line up but with the right ingredients, it could be a trendsetter. We’re still waiting for that long overdue coupĂ© as we would prefer to see that first before a convertible. For now we’ll have to wait and leave things to the imagination.

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Renderings Courtesy: Theophilus Chin

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