Daigo Saito’s SC430 is a 2JZ Drift Terror

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Daigo Saito’s SC430 is an odd duck in the world of drifting. V8’s are generally popular because they make gobs of power easily. Rebellious drifter Daigo scrapped the SC430’s V8 for a turbo six-cylinder legend: a 900hp 2JZ… on low boost.

Crank up the boost and suddenly the SC430 is a 1200 HP, tire melting, smoke-and-noise generator. We love it.

These two videos were shot at Formula D Long Beach where Daigo came away with a podium finish. He’s a masterful wheelman, as the vimeo video shows.That car is also something else. How often do you see the SC430 out on a track kicking ass like this? With a Supra motor no less! The power is ridiculous, and if you want, you can ride along to get a feel for what it’s like in the video below. 

Don’t worry, it’s short, sweet, and loud.

V8’s beware! Discuss Daigo’s Sweet ride in the forums!

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