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ClubLexus provides you a new opportunity to stay connected with our Lexus club through the “ClubLexus Store!” You may ask yourself, “Now what is the ClubLexus store?” Quite simple, the ClubLexus store is a way for members to show their support to their Lexus club in means of purchasing awesome ClubLexus apparel and club member benefits. ClubLexus apparel can be used for everyday purposes, but they can also serve as great gift items!

For a casual and relaxed mood, a ClubLexus T-shirt is a perfect way to represent and show support towards ClubLexus! For more information about the ClubLexus T-shirt, please click here

For a more “business-casual” appearance, you can enhance your look and proudly represent ClubLexus with a ClubLexus Polo shirt. For more information about the ClubLexus Polo shirt, please click here

When the weather begins to get chilly, what is more better than to put on a comfortable jacket…a ClubLexus jacket that is! For more information about the ClubLexus jacket, please click here

The ClubLexus mug is a great companion on-the-road for your Lexus vehicle. It can also accompany you just about anywhere: home, office, casual outings, etc. For more information about the ClubLexus mug, please click here

ClubLexus Premium Membership are great ways to support ClubLexus as well as obtaining great and infomative membership benfits and upgrades! For more information about the ClubLexus silver membership, please click here. For more information about the ClubLexus gold membership, please click here

What are the means of payment? ClubLexus provides a simple and secure form of online transaction in order to provide a method of online shopping that our members can enjoy with ease.

So during your visits on ClubLexus, please feel free to visit the ClubLexus store and have a look around!

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