‘Market’ Watch: Two Front Pairs of OEM GS F Wheels

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Club Lexus Marketplace - GS F Wheels

Looking for a set of wheels to complete your Lexus project? This set of GS Fs in our Club Lexus Marketplace should be on your list.

The Club Lexus Marketplace is the first place you should check out for all of your Lexus needs. Whether it’s a new project car, parts for your current project, or the perfect piece of Lexus memorabilia for your garage or den, our marketplace will likely have it.

Speaking of parts, are you looking for a set of wheels for your Lexus, specifically a set of OEM front wheels that would complete your project or serve as a spare set for the warmer months? Then why not have a look at this set of OEM GS F wheels from Club Lexus member mjn88.

According to mjn88, the set consists of two pairs of 19×9 front wheels, powder-coated in gunmetal. A pair of the wheels have some curb rash, but all four otherwise have “never been cracked or damaged,” and were originally “factory take off wheels from Lexus.” He had them on his GS350 F Sport at first, where they performed at their best. When placed upon his 2016 RC F, though, the GS F wheels were providing the traction he desired, opting for a staggered set in their stead.

Club Lexus Marketplace - GS F Wheels

If these wheels are right up your alley, $1,500 and a phone call or direct message will bring these beauties to your door. The price is without tires, and does take the curb rash into consideration. They’re also “rare and hard to get a hold of,” and would look good on any fourth-gen GS or IS.

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