Club Lexus Cleans up at JDM Theory Meet at Japantown San Francisco

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 January 13, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – With over 400 cars in attendance, LGWNorCal and SoCal Clublexus members
came in FULL FORCE to represent at this highly prestigious 6th annual
event held in Japantown Center in San Francisco. Lexus was gracious enough to bring out the SEMA LS460 built by VIP Auto Salon and a new 2008 Lexus IS-F in Starfire Pearl for people to check out.

We all have a lot to proud about our recognition by JDMTheory. One
award that we can ALL be proud of is the "Best Forum" award given out
to the forum website that was best represented by all the participants.
That award was presented to CLUBLEXUS!!


Awards Won:

1st – Best Forum – Club Lexus

4th – Best Female Tuner – ldynred

1st – Best Female Tuner – miss_IS300

4th – Best VIP – r.maestas

3rd – Best VIP – GSXOTIC

2nd – Best VIP – BIG_STEVE

1st – Best VIP – lightwave76

1st – Tuning Car Maniax! – lightwave76

1st – Hella Flush – BIG_STEVE

1st – Best Crew – ar-kan

3rd – Best Luxury – JohnnyBoy

2nd – Best Luxury – flipside909

1st – Best Luxury – rominl

5th – Best Performance Sedan – RMMGS4

3rd – Best Performance Sedan – Josephdoc

4th – Best Lexus – TAMR_GUS98

3rd – Best Lexus – DDQUACH

2nd – Best Lexus – Josephdoc

1st – Best Lexus – RMMGS4



Discussion Thread and additional photos: 




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