Club Lexus Announces the 2006 Third Annual Pillar of the Community Award

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This year, the Third Annual Club Lexus Pillar of the Community Award is presented to a member who has taken extraordinary steps to achieve the Club Lexus mission statement “to enhance the Lexus ownership experience.” This year’s winner is being honored for his ceaseless efforts “in the trenches”, volunteering countless hours answering e-mail that ranges from registration issues to general Lexus questions.  Though many Club Lexus members deserve the award this year, we are proud to present the 2006 Pillar of the Community award to Eric Tam, also known on the Club Lexus forums as LOTC. Because Eric spends a great deal of time handling administrative tasks, he’s not as visible on the forums as he might otherwise be.  But if it weren’t for his dedication to his largely thankless work, Club Lexus wouldn’t be the leading Lexus Owners’ Club worldwide.

In recognition of his efforts, Club Lexus is presenting Eric a set of new and painted side skirts, door caps and hood bonnet spoiler from Anceltion for his Lexus LS 400.


Please take the opportunity to congratulate Eric for is selection and thank him for all his hard work and dedication to Club Lexus in 2006.  To see past Club Lexus Pillar of the Community Award winners, see:


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Club Lexus looks forward to presenting our next Pillar of the Community award in 2007!

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