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NFL Rookie Fulfills Promise, Buys Dad New Lexus


Indianapolis Colts linebacker Anthony Walker isn’t just a good football player, he’s a pretty good guy too.

  Comments | By - July 10, 2017

Lexus GS Death Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

Lexus GS

Will the Lexus GS become a victim of the ES’ success?

  Comments | By - May 8, 2017

Rare Lexus Loyalty Rewards Return for ES and RX

Lexus Loyalty Rewards

Promotion offers big discounts for current lessees and is actually quite unusual for Lexus.

  Comments | By - April 11, 2017

Putting Your Lexus Away for the Winter? Here’s a Car Cover Buying Guide

Just like there isn’t a better feeling than uncovering your baby after a long winter in storage, it’s also a great feeling to know that they’ll be protected and well covered during their vehicular hibernation.

  Comments | By - September 19, 2016

If You Park in This Lot, You’d Better Be in a Lexus

Luxury carmakers, such as Lexus, want their customers to feel special when they drive their vehicles. The Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, Canada is helping the brand take that feeling to the next level.

  Comments | By - August 8, 2016

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