Cars That Should Come With Stick: Lexus IS F

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Driving enthusiasts know having a stick shift is a must for any kind of car, especially those looking at getting into a sports car. Autoguide has recently published an article” Top 10 Cars That Should Come With A Stick But Don’t” in which the Lexus IS F was ranked in the top 3.

Although the Aisin AA80E 8 Speed Sport Direct Shift Transmission is high tech and helps keep the IS F out of gas guzzler tax territory, I agree the IS F is in need of a proper 6 speed manual transmission. Ever since the debut of the IS F, people have been hoping the Getrag sourced V160 6 speed manual transmission from the Supra would be mated to the V8 powerhouse. The Rod Millen IS 430 project came with one, but sadly we were left with only one option.
Having owned a new 2009 IS F in the past, the 8 speed AT was nice to have in traffic, but isn’t as engaging as having a true clutch pedal and manual shifter at your control. The market trend for manual transmissions in any vehicle are declining and it may become extinct in the future. Driving a stick shift car is becoming a lost art as newer, high tech DCT and SMG transmissions are taking over the norm.
Check out what Craig Cole of AutoGuide had to say:

“Very similar to the stunt Mercedes pulled with its AMG-ified C-Class, Lexus dropped a big old V8 in the engine compartment of its petite IS sedan to build a monster. Is there a conspiracy going on here? Perhaps.

In any event the IS Fis a certified performance machine. It’s powered by a 5.0-liter two-by-four putting out 416 ponies and 371 lb-ft of twist. Direct AND port fuel-injection give this powerplant the best of both gasoline-delivery systems: a quiet idle and good cold-start behavior with economical operation and high output.

Matching this technologically advanced engine is an equally sophisticated transmission, a cutting-edgeautotragic. It features eight forward speeds and a torque converter that can lock up between second and eighth gears for a more direct feel. But here’s a thought, for a connected feel how about offering a manual? It doesn’t get more direct than a drivetrain pressure plate clamping a friction disk to a flywheel.”

Source: [AutoGuide]

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