AWD Luxury Duel: Lexus LS460 vs Jaguar XJL

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Now this is an interesting comparison. Take two large, luxury sedans and set them against each other in a cold, snowy conditions. Cars are exceptionally well made… But they’re still very different.

The Fast Lane Car takes a super charged Jaguar XJL and an LS460 on a run up what they call the gauntlet. Essentially, it’s a hill climb in Colorado they use to test capability of their cars. Thin air and frosty roads make for interesting conditions. Those road trips up to Aspen are not without their dangers.

Considering the cost, power, and purpose for these two vehicles, this is actually a really good comparison. Both cars are similar on paper but differ in execution. The Jag is “old school” compared to the Lexus’ more “contemporary” styling. Whether you like one style or another is subjective, so it’s good to hear their opinions (even if I disagree with them).
What do you think? Let us know your opinion on the XJ versus LS debate in the comments below.

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