All-New Lexus CT 200h Premium Compact Hybrid Makes North American Debut at 2010 NY Int’l Auto Show

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The all-new Lexus CT 200h premium
compact hybrid will be on display for the first time in North America
at the 2010 New York International Auto Show March 31 through April
11.  The sporty and versatile five-door, which had its global premiere
at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show today, will be Lexus’ second dedicated
hybrid and fifth hybrid vehicle in the line-up in the U.S.


“When the all-new Lexus CT 200h enters the market it will be the
only hybrid vehicle in the emerging premium compact segment,” said Mark
Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager. 
“The CT 200h combines luxury features, eye-catching styling, and
driving excitement that we know will attract a whole new buyer to the
Lexus brand.”
The Lexus CT 200h evolved from the LF-Ch concept unveiled at the
2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and was styled with optimum aerodynamic
efficiency.  Its size, packaging and hybrid technology meet the
requirements of the discerning, environmentally-conscientious consumer
in the emerging premium compact market.  It offers no compromise on the
quality, refinement and driving pleasure which hallmark the progressive
luxury inherent in every Lexus.
Lexus has offered consumers hybrid powertrain technology since
2005.  Marking the introduction of Lexus Hybrid Drive technology to the
premium compact segment for the first time, the all-new CT 200h not
only reinforces the company’s clear leadership in hybrid technology,
but also the unrivalled breadth of Lexus models available as a hybrid.
The CT 200h features a 1.8-liter gas engine with Variable Valve
Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), a high performance battery, power
control unit, transmission with an electric motor generator, a power
split device to re-allocate power from the engine and electric motor
generator according to operational requirements.
Four drive modes enhance the capabilities of the CT 200h’s Lexus
Hybrid Drive technology and change the rate of throttle opening for a
given throttle-pedal angle.  EV mode allows for ultra-quiet running on
electric motor power alone.  Normal mode has an essentially linear
throttle response while Eco mode reduces throttle response relative to
the pedal angle and adjusts air conditioning settings to emphasize fuel
The new CT 200h has been specifically developed to combine
superior handling agility and a sporty driving experience with the ride
comfort expected of any Lexus. The Sport mode provides a more
responsive throttle and modifies the Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
settings to give a faster response to driver inputs.
In the interest of maximum fuel efficiency, particular attention
has been paid to the aerodynamic efficiency of every aspect of the CT
200h’s design. The front and rear corners have been pulled in tight to
improve the flow of air down the sides of the vehicle and minimize wind
turbulence within the wheel arches. The sides of the cabin have been
tapered, the rear edge of the roof lowered and even the lower body
painstakingly detailed to optimize airflow. Completing the look are
unique 17-inch alloy wheels and blue badging specific to Lexus hybrid
The interior offers unprecedented levels of refinement in this
segment.  Efficient and elegant, the cabin combines superior ergonomics
with hand-crafted, premium quality materials to create an outstanding
driving environment.  The extensive use of metallic finishes and dark,
soft touch materials reinforces the luxury experience.
Despite the compact package, the CT 200h does not compromise
interior roominess. Its long, 102-inch wheelbase offers front and rear
seat passenger accommodation that is amongst the most spacious in the
“Lexus has been at the forefront of luxury hybrid technology for
the last five years. The CT 200h is just another example of our
commitment to developing cars that are innovative and different from
what’s already out there,” said Templin. “With its exceptional fuel
economy, ultra-low emissions, dynamic handling, and beautiful styling,
the CT 200h is a car that doesn’t sacrifice excitement for efficiency.”

Credit: Lexus USA



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