A Rare Gem: Lapis Lazuli Lexus LFA

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“The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas”, but in this case, “this Lapis Lazuli Blue, will make Jeremy Clarkson go OOOH!”, deep in the heart of Texas!”. This rare colored gem may possibly be the only LFA in Lapis Lazuli 9H8 in the world.

Spotted recently in Texas, this special order LFA belongs to a very proud owner somewhere in “The Lone Star State”. A gorgeous combination of Lapis Lazuli exterior matched with a complimentary silver, black and blue interior makes this one very unique LFA a standout amongst the 500 ever built. One must see this LFA in person to fully appreciate how special this color is.  We’re very fortunate to be invited to see this one of a kind LFA in person and we thank the owner for letting us share their one and only masterpiece to the world. 
What do you think of this rare gem of a color? You can find all of the Lapis Lazuli LFA details in our LFA Forum HERE!>>

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