A Future Lexus NX?

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Lexus has been a pioneer and leader in the crossover sport utility vehicle segment. Since the introduction of the Lexus RX (Radiant Crossover) in 1998 as a 1999 model, it has achieved many awards and created a segment that has been embraced by American and European luxury manufacturers.

Currently the RX is in its 3rd Generation and is still the best-selling luxury utility vehicle ever produced. However the market has evolved and Lexus’ competition has created segments above and below this popular midsize crossover. Since more people are looking for smaller, more fuel efficient but luxurious people movers, a small luxury crossover utility vehicle is something Lexus has yet to address. With the growing popularity of the of Audi Q3, BMW X3 and the Mercedes Benz GLK series, Lexus may finally have an answer with the NX.

No official word has been released from Lexus, but it’s inevitable that a this baby RX may be based off the new fourth generation Toyota RAV4. NX 200t & NX 300h are two different models that have been trademarked by TMC in recent months. Rumors of a new turbocharged 2.0L 4 cylinder will power the 200t and it’s unclear what will power the 300h full hybrid version. We’re guessing a 2.5L 4 cylinder 2AR-FXE that currently powers the ES 300h will make its way into this new baby Lexus. Expect this baby RX to surface in late 2013 or 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show.
Could you imagine a small crossover utility vehicle with an all-wheel drive with a turbocharged 4 cylinder with an F SPORT or F badge? We can! Talk about it in our forum HERE! >>

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