A Drop Top With A Lift!

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The summer solstice doesn’t officially start until June 20 of this year but regardless of that, the beginning of June is the start of the summer break. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s only proper to cruise a Lexus IS Convertible top down of course. Our own member ISCjonny has the right stuff, but takes it a step up with a lift.

That’s right, this Starfire Pearl IS C beauty rides nice and low but it also rides on a newly installed Exotic Air lifter kit. So how does this kit work? Instead of relying on a conventional airbag bellow acting as the spring of a shock assembly, the lifter kit is mounted on top of a conventional coilover. The lifter is a pneumatic piston that pushes the vehicle upward. This allows you retain the awesome lowered stance you’ve worked hours to measure and perfect, but with the addition of the lifter kit to lift yourself out of trouble. In essence, it works like a truck lift kit but for lowered cars.

So what do you think? Check ISCjonny’s drop top & lift thread here! >>

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