6 Ways to Beat the Heat with Leather Interior

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Spring and summer can bring beautiful weather back to the masses and encourage you to get outside to enjoy nature. Unfortunately, for those with leather interiors this will also bring burns, hot hands, and sweltering cabin temperatures. Here’s some tips on how to keep your epidermis intact and beat the heat.

1. Keep it in the shade


The easiest tip you can get is to not put your Lexus into the direct path of the sun if you can help it. We know this isn’t always possible, so we totally understand that the majority of the time when you’re parking, the car will be susceptible to the elements. However, if you can help it, don’t do it. Shade is your best friend in this case.

2. Bounce those rays back


Keep that interior as cool as you can by keeping the sun out of your business. By throwing a sunshade in the window you can significantly decrease the interior temperature with one of these and cut down on drying out the leather wrapped bits of your car.

3. I can’t feel my legs when I’m with you…


It’s so hot in the car that you’ve got no choice but to set your legs and feet free by throwing them out the window. The key to not burning your legs on the hot leather seats, if you neglected to heed the previous steps, is to get used to laying a towel or blanket across the seats. This will separate those hot-as-hades leather seats from touching your delicate skin.

4. Darken your outlook


Tinting the windows will not only bring up your cool with with the kids but also cool down your Lexus by limiting the UV rays that can enter the cabin. Check with your local laws and see what percentage of tint is legal for your area.

5. Show off those gams

By wearing less you can cut down on how hot you feel in your car. Wearing the wrong clothes during summer or a particular hot snap of weather can make you feel like you’re suffocating in your car. Remember to not get extreme and violate any laws no matter how hot it may feel in your car.

6. In order to wheel you must be able to feel

wheel covers

Those steering wheels can burn like Mount St. Helen’s has erupted all over it in the peak of summer. Without burning the top layer of your skin off while trying to pilot your Lexus, we recommend an awesome steering wheel cover. These don’t have to be the garish ones found at your local autoparts store; there are really great looking ones that can be found with minimal online research.


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