40K Miles on Lexus LFA? It’s Just Barely Broken In

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When it comes down to owning an exotic super cars, naturally everyone focuses on the performance figures.  How fast is 0-100?  What is the lap time around Nürburgring?

Very few would ask the question on the reliability of those cars.  Well, Lexus has their own answer for you on the LFA.  In a picture shared by J. Lee of Lexus Corp, we see that one of their first cars, the yellow P014 now have over 40K miles.

And keep in mind, this car has been used to tour the country and participated in numerous track events.  In fact, most of the miles are hard driven track miles. till, the car has required nothing but regular maintenance, which says a lot about Lexus.


It’s great to see that Lexus continues to put this car through various events instead of just sitting in the Toyota Museum.  This car needs to be seen driven on the road, period.

Go Lexus!

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