30k LFA: Still Fast. Still Furious.

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How many supercars do you know can make it to 30k miles trouble free? The title says it all. The pearl yellow prototype Lexus LFA has finally reached the 30,000 mile mark. To commemorate this milestone, Lexus invited Pro Racer Ken Gushi and Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker to a track session at Willow Springs Raceway, just north of Los Angeles.

Not very many super cars can make the claim of being reliable and durable for 30k miles. Ever since the arrival of P014 back in 2010, it’s been driven hard since day one. Only regular maintenance has been required as the LFA still flexes hard after numerous track days, test drives and car shows throughout the United States. It’s safe to say that this LFA can still go another 30k miles without issues. How about that for legendary Lexus reliability? 

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Courtesy: Lexus USA

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