2013 Lexus LS Debuts In San Francisco

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Lexus has released the full video from their press conference yesterday in San Francisco. It was kind of a fancy affair with only about 500 people allowed in. Those lucky few got a special first peek at the new LS’ new face. We’ve posted some press release photos from Lexus here, and in the forums. But if you really, really, wish you had been there, Lexus has you covered.

Visually, the biggest change to the LS is definitely the addition of the spindle grill. When they said this model was going to be facelift, they really meant it.  You can also get the LS with LED headlights. The tails have been replaced with a more modern style as well. Aside from that, it’s the same old LS on the outside. Things get a little more complicated when you start talking about trim levels though.
The biggest, newest addition is the F Sport trim level. A leather wrapped steering wheel, enlarged seat bolsters, a Torsen LSD, and six piston Brembos all communicate that the LS isn’t just a technobarge anymore. Lexus intends for this car to be driven. Not just babied, but actually driven.
Aside from the F Sport, the LS comes in three more flavors: the base model LS 460, LS 460L, and the range topping LS600hL. 
This video is a little bit long, and a lot a bit boring. So, here’s a bit of a breakdown. are some shortcuts:
Interview with Global Marketing Chief Mark Templin :53
Presentation Officially Begins 2:20
LS Officially Unveiled 5:31
LS New Feature Video Starts 6:00
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