1sickreview: 2010 RX 450h FWD “One of the all time greats”

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So here I am ranting about Lexus in one thread and we get this car as a loaner and now I’m going to be raving about Lexus. We all know the story of the RXh, it was the worlds first luxury hybrid and the 450h extends that.

Lexus sells a bunch of these every month, between 1400-2000 units, an amazing figure when you consider its an expensive hybrid. That is more than many luxury SUVs! This car starts around 44k and hits 60k fully loaded. This is the segment leader and pretty much in a class by itself, an unsung hero as the media won’t rave about it b/c it wont slalom at 90 mph slinging your groceries and kids around. It sits 5 easily with room for cargo, gets 30 MPG with all the luxurious of a Lexus. Its a shame vehicles like this get no continued praise.

First off huge thanks to the service department headed by Joe Gaunt at Hennessy Lexus of Gwinnett. What an incredible team, friendly as good family and they get the job right the first time at very good prices. If you are interested in what I reviewed give Frank Mullin a call there and tell him Mike sent ya.

This is a starfire pearl RX 450h with around 13k on the odometer with beige interior, one of the more popular color combos. It has NAV, heated/cooled seats HIDs and I didn’t see any other options. This is a FWD model.

First off I’ll touch on the exterior. By now we are familiar with it and I think it looks sharp but I still do prefer the 2RX exterior. Again my favorite part is the rear, the RX has gained small shoulders for a more muscular look and the now classic Lexus tailamps strutting out the exterior curving from the side. The 3RX now has chrome window trim around the doors, something I noticed Acura now copied and put on their MDX. It gives it a classier but less sporty appearance to me. The front fender still is tough for me as the front end, the wheels don’t seem centered and the front seems kind of pushed in. Its not bad but doesn’t flow to my eyes from all angles. To my wife the car appears to be lower to her than the 2RX. I also like the fact they put the hybrid 3 spoke wheel on the RX 450h but it lacks chrome slants in the middle. You gain puddle lamps like the IS/GS/LS etc with the new dumbo ear sideview mirrors and LED license plate bulbs. The lower side has a nice crease with the chrome trim with blue hybrid discreetly placed. Overall its handsome and nicely understated and a great evolution of the RX.

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