• For years, I've resisted urge to get a PlayStation, because of a terrible--and very real--fear that I'd cut off all human contact and play Gran Turismo until I die. But I'm honestly about to break, and I think this dead sexy FT-1 might be to blame. Read more

  • My gut says that the NX is going to be a big hit for Lexus, and the ultra-sharp styling is going to play a big part in that. There are more creases in this baby than an origami crane--and while it looks good in pics, it's even better in person. Read more

  • Over the years, Steve Sutcliffe has made loads of entertaining videos for Autocar. I honestly can't get past the title card in any of his "Will it Drift?" series without smiling. So it's unsurprising his Lexus RC F video is a hoot to watch. Read more

  • Chris Harris makes some of the most entertaining car videos in the business. And along with a talent for getting some of the most desirable automobiles in the world sideways, he's also displayed a penchant for speaking his mind--whether it gets him in trouble or not. Read more

  • One of my best friend's Dad was a Frogman in the Navy--essentially a SEAL before that now-hallowed designation existed. His unit was full of high-strung warriors, and occasionally, they'd get into scraps. But one thing he always told us? Don't mess with the Aussies. Read more

  • The sound of the LFA has been universally praised, and it's so glorious that--for me at least--it's difficult to imagine thinking about improving on it. But Tokyo's Office-K apparently doesn't feel the same way. Read more

  • For years, America's most popular car colors have been constant--and dare I say?--boring. Black, silver and white have occasionally swapped places on the podium, but there's no real competition from any other hues. Read more

  • Lexus GS to get an F Line

    September 9, 2014

    With so much press on the BMW M5, the Mercedes S63, and the Audi S8, Lexus was feeling a bit left out. As we have stated before, Lexus is hungry to take away as many customers from ze Germans as they possibly can. That's why this new rumor makes a lot of sense. Read more

  • Most people recall how the first LS400 shocked the luxury-car world back in 1989, and how the LFA demonstrated Lexus' ability in building a supercar, but not too many realize the impact of the introduction of the RX300 back in 1999. Read more

  • You've seen "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," right? Please say, "Yes." Otherwise, I'll feel really bad for you. If you haven't, here's a huge spoiler: It's awesome. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg who is sent back through time. You know what? Just watch the damn movie. You'll only be 23 years late to the party. Read more

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