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Want to go Air LS430

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Default Want to go Air LS430

Hello VIP's
i would like to know if there is an Air setup that is easy for a novice to install his or her self or are they about the same and be left to the Pros for install.
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guess it depends on your definition of novice.
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i think the most difficult part of the install is just installing the struts itself. wiring and plumbing is easy.
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air rex is plug and play
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I agree ^^^. For simplicity get an airrex kit. Very aimple.
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I dont think any kit is really any easier than another.
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accuair height sensors > airrex pressure sensors if you like you like to keep your alignment in spec.
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Im installing air on my LS430 now and the pain to me is finding where to plumb these damn airlines lol.

But back to your question OP, airrex would be the simplest, im installing accuair with elevel sensors on my system. I guess another thing to consider is your budget. Airrex is the simplest but also pricey. My system I was able to put together for under 3k
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Who said you cant keep you alignment in spec with airrex. That is false. So every car thats doesnt have Height based system and no air you cant keep your alignment in spec?

Here is a sample video of the Airrex Pressure based hitting its preset height

Just set your ride height and take it to the alignement shop and set it the the PSI that you want for your ride height and it always its the set PSI and height saved.

With the height sensor system if you have no experiance with air dont go that route unless you either have a shop doing it or someone thats done it before. Just getting those height sensor and the wires to the senors is a task.

The airrex system is very simple. All the plumbing and majot wiring has already been done, All thats left is running your power and ground wires and you four hoses to the bags. and installing the Struts and adjusting the strut to the proper lengths. Running the Airline is pretty simple on the LS430 the front you just run the same time as your power wire through the kick panels of the car and throught the OEM wire harness on the firewall. the rears just go from the trunk through the back seats and find the OEM ABS wire harness and run it though the boot.

But than with airrex your done right there.. with the height based system if you are ahaving a hard time with the hoses this is where it get even more complicated. Figure out how your going to run those extra four wires to the height sensors. Those plus are huge and there is no way to run them through any of the OEM wireharness locations on the car becuase those plugs are huge. The only way is looking for a plug in the trunk ir dilling a large whole in the trunk than you have to run the wires under the car.

Than try finding a place to mount those height sensors so that you get the right amount movement. and failure to mount it in the right place we seen so many broken sensors from miss installed hieght sensors. they were either broken levers or wheels hitting them with you turn.

WIth airrex you dont have that extra time consuming step.

The airrex system also comes with a digital guage thats mounted on wireless controller, and the wireless controller is not an added option.

Even though hieght based systems are based on height, we feel that it is much safer to run with a guage no matter what becuase it tells you what going on within your bags and tank PSI. The get Height you have to have Pressure with out pressure there will be no height, driving with no guage is like driving blind. And if you pareing Airrex struts up with a height based system our warranty states that you must have a gauge install be keep your warranty from voiding. And with that said.. its even more added cost to the pressure based system that everyone says cost less. plus you have to add another step to the install.. now you have to plumb all the pressure sensors run even more wires and open up the dash and figure out where and how your going to mount that guage. Or of your going to use a cheaper needle guage you now have to deal with tapping into the air lines and running airline to the back of those needed gauges through the dash board. than again find somewhere to mount the gauges and youll prob end up cutting or drilling a whole in your dash.

With the height based system they only make an management system so you will have to find some struts to use with your height based system and what many are using is Airrex Struts.

With the Airrex system it plug and play. some my not like the box it comes but you can also order it without the box and do a custom install that a still way simpler than doing the height based system.

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