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Twisted, Bent, Warped, etc. WHEELS

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Default Twisted, Bent, Warped, etc. WHEELS

Descriptions of wheel damage are sometimes unclear - it depends on how you are looking at the wheel and tire.
Looking at a mounted tire straight-on from the side of the car, you can easily see a dented rim - say from hitting a curb - you don't have to spin it. Same with scuff damage and other cosmetic damage. If the wheel is seriously out of round, you might see that it is not a perfect circle just by looking at it straight-on.
However, to see a "twisted" or "warped" wheel you have to spin it - even a slow spin will reveal a "warped" wheel especially if you look at the thread side of the tire (under it or from a side). If you hold a finger were the tire meets the rim as it spins, the rim will move away from your finger then come back and touch it again.

Ok, I have a "warped" rear wheel on my LS 430. It causes very slight vibration but spin it and it shows. Can get it "fixed" for $100 or so but been told "forget it, you can't really fix a "warped" wheel

Official Lexus advise is to NEVER mount a used or repaired wheel - replace it with a new one.
(Yes, yes they sell them but their point is "unseen" weakness actually caused by the repair)

Please comment on the solution to a "warped" wheel.
Bob Bee
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