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View Poll Results: Quieter and Most confortable tires ?
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 30 43.48%
Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Position 4 5.80%
Yokohama ADVAN S.4 9 13.04%
Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position with UNI-T AQII 9 13.04%
Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S 8 11.59%
Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge 2 2.90%
Bridgestone Turanza LS-Z with UNI-T AQII 7 10.14%
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Quieter and Most confortable tires ?

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Old 02-04-08, 03:02 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by reggiek View Post
Now that I have time in on the Nitto Invo, I say.........DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP TIRE!

ooh... I think I saw that one coming
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Old 03-19-08, 10:51 AM   #17
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Booooooo YOKOHAMA!! haha jk. Yeah The Michelin PS2's are awesome tires.
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Old 03-22-08, 06:34 AM   #18
Ned Vo
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Default re: Toyo Versado Luxury Touring

hi all,
my wife racked up 20k mile in a year with her 06 gs300 awd with Dunlop run flat from everyday driving, 90%+ was highway. The run flat gave up on her one morning but it was safe to get her home at @50 mph. That was the only positive aspect.

Anyways, my buddy is a manager at Town Fair Tires, suggested that we should try out the new Toyo Versado luxury touring. He was so confident that he allowed us to try them out for 30 days with no obligation. We took these tires for spin and they are very impressive from tight handling to quietness. These tires are very very in wet and dry roads. Light snow, no problem. Med snow is fine. A foot of snow, we use our beloved GX470
we have these tires for about 12k miles now. They are still looking good. I have never own either F1 goodyear or Mich ps2. I cant compare them with my Toyo Versado. But for the $ at $125.00 ea? Best bang for the buck!!!! My 2 cents!!!!!!!!!!! I recently just picked a low low milage gs350 awd. Part of the deals was.....dealer had to remove my run flat and gave me four new tires, and they were Toyo versado lx. Thanks for listening, take care!!!!!

Also, i just ordered a set of Work vs xx 20x9 wheels. Im recommended to use the Falcon FK452 tires, why? These tires are made to deal with positive and negative camper issues with our non-adjustable front in gs3 models. Ill keep all of us updated on this matter later. Sorry about long responding!!!!

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Old 03-27-08, 03:52 PM   #19
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I'm a noob in regards to wheels and tires. Yesterday I just ordered some 19" Work VS-XX wheels but still haven't decided on the tires. I have a month to decide but at the store i was recommended Toyo T1R, Falken 452 or Yoko S-Drive. I'm going to do more research but it seems ppl really like the micehlin ps2. Are these other choices not as good as the ps2? Thanks.
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Old 04-07-08, 12:55 PM   #20
Ned Vo
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Default Re: tires selection

Hey Ghettoaww,
Have you decided on your tires yet?
I was at Town Fair Tires today, and found out that they do not stock Falken FK452. They recommended Toyo T1R or Yoko S-Drive 245-35-20. What would you pick, and why? Any one? Please respond....thanks ALL
Toyo $180 each
Yoko $170 each
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Old 04-07-08, 05:27 PM   #21
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Ned Vo...I really haven't chosen one yet but I am leaning towards the Toyos but maybe I can do more research since they have delayed my rims till August. The sales person at Status said numerous lexus drivers have the Toyos. I don't have any ideas on pricing but I will look into that too.
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Old 04-27-08, 07:12 PM   #22
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Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 if you need all out performance, but I have Pilot Exalto AS, they are more sportier-feeling than the Energy MXV4 Plus/S8 and the Primacy MXV4.

Toyos are a good bang for the buck tire - but some places like Les Schwab WILL force Toyo down your throat.
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Old 04-30-08, 06:42 PM   #23
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I'll chime for the Yoko S-Drive. Still new on the car...I took it on a 500 mile road trip this past weekend. It's not silent but pretty quiet. At ~$160 for 245/40-18, it's not a wallet killer. So far my impression of them is
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Old 04-30-08, 07:26 PM   #24
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Default Toyo T1R excellent tire

I've had 19" T1Rs on my GS for a couple years now and they are excellent tires. Good handling and very quiet for a high performance tire
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Old 07-20-08, 12:30 PM   #25
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Have you guys seen these?

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I moved my mom from a Kumho touring tire to the Yokohama YK520. It's a more expensive tire, but you pay for the quality and the ride. Everytime time I take her car out, it feels like 2000 all over again.
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Default Toyo Versado


Hey, this might be a bit late since we're in 2010, LOL, but the Toyo Versado LX tires caught my interest back in '08 when looking for fresh shoes for our '07 ES350 (which we've owned since purchased new in ’06). At first, it looked like it was marketing hype, like someone else on here suspected, regarding these tires and the new “quiet technology” utilized in them, but after reading up on the product, checking on reviews and talking to a few people, we went for a set of four. I can now, almost two and a half years and 50K + miles later, report that they were indeed everything they said they were; SUPER quiet, yet competent in dry or wet conditions and nice handling to boot. Remember, these are not lo-pro performers, and neither is the car...

At any rate, we put them on at 38.5K miles as the OEM’s were done, and we now have 89K miles on the car (50.5K on the Versado’s), so they certainly lived up to the 40K tread wear billing, and then some. They were subjected to mostly so Cal driving with the occasional out of state road trip. OK, so we don't hot rod this ES ...why would you but it does get stomped on here and there when I drive it (it's my wife's commuter) and the tire life, all things considered, has been great.

Anyway, now it's time for a new set of tires again and I briefly considered the Michelin Primacy's as the only alternative because of reputation of company and since they’re also supposed to be “quiet tires” and are in roughly the same price range (although H-rated as opposed to the Versado V-rating, not that it's terribly relevant here per se) and are a “60,000 mile” tire compared to Toyo’s 40K claim. But, after some thoughts and more current research on the subject, I decided on the Toyo’s and their technology again. I reckon the old–school principle of sticking with a proven winner applies here

Now, what's ironic is the fact that the Lex dealers - although they're Toyo dealers - cannot order the Versado’s! You need to get them from an independent tire dealer and grind a bit to get 'em in the neighborhood of under 700 bucks OTD mounted & balanced. The un-availability of this particular tire through the dealers is very odd in and of itself since this is precisely the type of tire you'd want for a lux aimed car like a Lexus sedan in the first place, and so, if logic prevailed, they should be readily available through the Lexus dealer network. Not so. Couldn't get these through our Lex dealers then (Newport/Tustin) and can't get them through our dealer now (Park Place Mission Viejo). Seems to me like Lexus corporate business decisions aren’t exactly in synch with the new economy nor their stated motto of pursuit of perfection, but that‘s not surprising when considering the many, many costly issues/hassles we’ve had with the supposed Maytag of automobiles - starting with the tranny at 450 miles, and numerous VERY dollar intense fixes and headaches since, on a pampered “dealer maintained” car. But that's another thread...

Conclusion: When looking for a truly serene tire, I'd highly recommend the Versado LX's if quiet and comfort is what you're after, which I suspect it is, or you’d be in a different camp, car wise. As far as reliability of the car itself, and judging by three out of three dealerships over almost 90,000 miles of patronage, I need to refer back to that old-school principle of who deserves hard-earned money and loyalty ...we're lookin' elsewere, 'cause there's simply been far too many stories, issues, lies, bad transmissions, oil leaks, heater malfunctions, voice command problems, rattles, battles, deep scratches on paint and soiled interior experiences for the high dollars spent, all in an almost inexhaustible belief and hope in the brand and the network representing them, but it's ended now

Good luck in your future tire endeavors!
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