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Why should one run a staggered setup?

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Default Why should one run a staggered setup?

I am just curious what the advantages are of running a staggered setup on a car? Is it better to do this with cars that have more HP and Torque? Are there any disadvantages?
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- If you have a rear wheel drive car, more grip for acceleration.
- Looks MUCH better.. IMO (the bigger lip loook in the back looks good)


- If you want to have a matching spare then you can only match the front and if your rear blows....
- A little more expensive

Im sure i missed some stuff some hope someone else can chime in. hope that helps a little

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Default Staggered


Performance IF your car oversteers (back end fishtails in the corners).


Can't rotate the tires
Will cause the car to understeer, IF you already understeer this is not good.
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dude you kidding me? only couple of posts below another member just asked...

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