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Why Does the NFL Draft Bad Guys?

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Post Why Does the NFL Draft Bad Guys?

With the NFL draft underway, is there a reason for teams to dismiss players with criminal records from consideration? A background check would seem to be a predictor of future problems that could end careers prematurely and cost teams a lot of money.

An Economics thesis at Hamilton College (Weir, Kendall and Wu, Stephen, Criminal Records and the Labor Market for Professional Athletes: The Case of the National Football League (May 15, 2012). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2060317 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2060317), published last year might shed some light on the case of the troubled athlete.

The authors looked at three factors affected by 1. criminal charges, and 2. collegiate team suspensions: What did these factors have to do with a pro player's draft position, his games played per season, and his performance stats.

Long, involved story made short, it seems that a criminal record may have a considerable effect on draft position - usually knocking a draftee down 16 spots in the draft, a team suspension is worse, knocking the candidate down 22 spots. Oddly enough, that's pretty much the end of the story. While criminal charges may make a player less valuable in the draft, the performance figures and games played are nearer equal - with troubled players being off maybe a couple of percentage points. Generally we can say that team suspensions are worse than criminal charges. Who knew?

I suppose team suspensions are indicative of troubles on the field that will carry over into the pro ranks. Legal problems off the field may cost the team in terms of image and attorney's fees, but it doesn't seem to seriously affect performance on the field. I would have thought that ending up as a lower draft pick alone might have career consequences, but evidently not. Still, I wonder why some of the bad boys are signed to big contracts - particularly if they've received disciplinary action while on their college team. It appears that a messy criminal record is not that big of a concern . . . but if you're a troublemaker, you could find yourself a permanent resident of the trading block.

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All depends... what I mean is a criminal record is too vague, the seriousness or type of crime is important. Martha Stewart has a criminal record. Same with team suspensions, you can get suspended for missing a team meeting, practice or something as serious as pulling a gun on a team or coach. I believe that prospective teams factor the circumstances behind such suspensions and criminal charges before making their decisions.
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Simply put because it's all about winning and with winning brings money no matter what the consequence/future brings toward the franchise/NFL. It's like that joke I heard along time ago on the Howard Stern radio show, by Jackie Martling "give Rodney a chance".
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First you would have to define what constitutes a "bad" guy? Winning is all that matters to NFL owners. So anyone with a checkered past is reviewed but if their "upside or potential" far passes their troubles than you can bet they will get a chance in the league.

Winning brings money to the owners pockets. This is all they care about.
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Originally Posted by Teal Sc400 View Post
Simply put because it's all about winning and with winning brings money no matter what the consequence/future brings toward the franchise/NFL. It's like that joke I heard along time ago on the Howard Stern radio show, by Jackie Martling "give Rodney a chance".

exaclty this...winning cures/hides everything

we can look at the NBA and Ron Artest...there's no reason he should be in the league after the "Malace in the Palace" but he is
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