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House Alarm Systems recommended

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Default House Alarm Systems recommended

Mods I have searched already but feel free to combine this if a similar thread exists.

Okay since I don't hardly trust certain consumer products and reviews, I need input on what House Alarm Systems CL members recommend. I have been shopping around and came accross this system called "simplisafe" and others that doesn't require a contract.

Has anyone used this type of system? What are your recommendations? Just in case, please don't post how your system is setup, lol I just need recos.

thoughts please

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installed the system myself, great customer service when I had a few issues
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had ADT for 3 years, not bad but i wanted more options. I am going through Monitronics and utilizing features. Its great, i can control my entire house with my cell phone (alarm, garage, lights temperature, etc). The alarm company is very fast when i trigger my alarm on accident.
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Hate bringing up an old thread but has anyone used simplisafe? I'm looking for a no contract system that's cellular and has battery backup. Also any recommendations for a good home security camera system?
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I am not sure what " simplesafe" is but you can get an alarm system installed with no contract but it will cost more. Alarm dealers focus on either getting more money up front for no contract or less up front for a contract term due to the residual income with the monitoring. If you want a monitored security system, make sure you can move to another company with no hardware conflicts. I see the previous post has Monitronics, they use a proprietary panel that must be replaced if you choose to change company's. Stay away from ADT (high price and poor customer satisfaction ). If you are a do it yourself type I would suggest is the brand I would recommend

Cameras, there is curently a transition between anolog and digital. You can spend $400 for a cheap 4 camera system or 1K and up for a digital system.

Hope this brevity helps, 20+ years in the home security field here.
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Simplisafe is a company that makes alarm systems you pay for the equipment and then get coverage for 19 bucks a month. You can customize what components you want. They are rated good I just don't know anyone that's used them.
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Thats who I use. Their system is 4g LTE cellular based so not so easy to disable.

No up front costs and its $54.99/mo including taxes and fees. Not bad for my piece of mind. PM me if you want the details of the system, but yeah, I am impressed.
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A dog, a gun (or ten), and a sign up front that says "Gun Rights."
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Originally Posted by GQD_GS4 View Post
A dog, a gun (or ten), and a sign up front that says "Gun Rights."
This. I find the dog useful. Having already had to draw my weapon once since moving to Vegas this year, I'm glad I have one to wake me up.

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Having a fierce dog in your home is always a great deterrent to crime.

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