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Levis comments?

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Cant remember the last time i bought a pair of Levi's

i generally just get my jeans from Aero and express now. Both fit good, and the aero ones are decently priced.
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I have a pair of Levi's they are nice, my first pair of jeans got the 501's some black/blue or whatever its called. Not a fan of blue. Only cost me like 15 bucks too! good deal

I want to get some more jean's but i'm exactly sure which one i want.. I DISLIKE skinny jeans! I like the designs on the back pocket of the levi's as well!
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MEK(1) - $150
Rock & Republic(1) - $250+
True Religion(3) - $300+
Joe's Jeans(3) - $150+
Citizens of Humanity(1) - $150+
7 for All Mankind(1) - $150+
Are these considered "designer"?
I'll check these out just to see them. Are these at the boutique level shops or available through some chain stores like Bloomies?

Stopped by Mitsuwa Market for a magazine run and flipped through the denim fashion mags. They drop some coin there for vintage denim products. Mag on left alone got me ~$35! That alone was ~$3 short of buying me some Levi 550's at $38. Crazy...lol

The 550's I have originate from :Mexico, Egypt, Lesotho, Columbia, Bangladash... Some older ones I have don't indicate country of origin. Crazy.
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I like Levi's. That's what I mostly wear actually; 501's and 511's. I have one pair of Capital E's. I'll agree that they are stiff at first, but I love the fit after they're broken in. Plus they are easy on the wallet.
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Seems like there's a split in this thread, "designer" jeans folks (Rock&Republic/True Religion/7s, Diesel, Diors etc) and the "denim head" folks (raw/selvedge stuff from makers like Self Edge, APC, RRL, Naked and Famous, Samurai, The Flat head and certain lines of Levis/Gap and repros of Levis/Lees.) Two completely different markets as far as I'm concerned.

I don't own a pair of Levis, my only pair turned up missing, but if I could get my hands on a pair like the OP posted and they fit me right (big thighs/calves) I'd totally rock em. And stiffness/hardness is not something that would dissuade me in jeans, I'd wear em till they broke in. In fact, I've yet to wash my RRL's (sounds gross doesn't it? trust me, they're not funky at all and I'm not fabreezing them or spraying them with cologne) and I've worn them at least 3 days a week for the year+ I've had em. I've got a tear on the inside of my pocket but they have aged very well and fit awesome.
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Originally Posted by RA40 View Post
Are these considered "designer"?
I'll check these out just to see them. Are these at the boutique level shops or available through some chain stores like Bloomies?
They are considered "premium", and not necessarily designer.
They are mainly known for their combination of fit, comfortable cloth and sexy looks and I mostly wear them to parties with a nice buttoned down shirt from Roar, 7 Diamonds, etc. and if it is cold, put a blazer on top
Yes, you can find them at Nordstrom and higher up stores. Although they all started out as boutique denims and found primarily at Boutique stores.

Example: ZEUS Boutique in the DFW area is a good name and carries over 20+ brands of premium/designer denims.
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