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Greyhound Express shipping warning!!!

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Angry Greyhound Express shipping warning!!!

This is just a heads up for any of you CL members who consider shipping something by Greyhound Express.

I purchased a set of 4 gold, Volk GT U wheels and almost new tires from a CL member 12/21/2010. He paid a little over $200.00 to send them to me via Greyhound Express. I got the tracking number, and sat back waiting on my wheels. It has been 26 days now, and no wheels. Greyhound has to be the worst company to deal with that I have ever encountered. The "tracking number" is worthless. All it is used for is to look for lost packages. They put out a "tracer" for the number. Greyhound has no idea where the wheels are, and nobody cares if they are located, or not. I have talked to someone at Greyhound every day for about the past 2 weeks. Nobody ever calls or emails you back (not even once), despite assuring you that they will. No matter what your package is worth, Greyhound will only pay a maximum of $1000.00 for lost merchandise. They have 2 months after you file a claim, to even decide IF they are are going to pay you the $1000.00 insurance.

The wheels were packaged individually, in 4 separate boxes, with my name and the shipping destination on each box. You tell me how a company could lose all 4 boxes. They were only to be shipped 685 miles, and were to arrive in 3-7 days.

So now, I am out almost $1800.00, and dealing with a company that doesn't give a rat's butt. Most Greyhound stations are independently owned and operated, so if you try calling anywhere except very large city stations, you usually get a machine, and then a 1-800 number, where you get a rude, uncaring person who speaks broken English.

Let this be a warning. Never use Greyhound, and if you do, don't ship anything worth more than $1000.00 (I did not realize this until after my wheels were shipped), because chances are, some independent (i.e., non-supervised) Greyhound employ at a remote bus stop is going to steal your merchandise and leave you high and dry.
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never heard of them and wouldnt have used them.. I would have only used fed ex...
that sucks man.. sorry to hear that.
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Sucks to hear that, lets hope they find them or reimburse you. since you were sent 4 packages they should insure you 1k per package imo.
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^ what he said..hopefully you get your stuff if not hopefully 1k per package would be worth it im sure
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That totally blows.
I guess if they had been shipped out as four separate shipments of one box each (which is probably more money), then the insurance would have covered it adequately, but regardless, it's still inexcusable.
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That sucks man. I shipped my 19 inch axis sevens with tires using fed ex for like 150.00. Trick is to cover both sides of the wheel with cardboard/foam whatever, as long as the faces are covered. Then fill the tire with air and ship as is. Fed ex showed me this trick, and the wheels got there with no issues. Good luck
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Sorry to hear that. I only deal with fed-ex or ups. I hope things work out.
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That really sucks man. I'm sorry to hear that. My IS350 wheels were shipped to me using Greyhound and I had a good experience. I personally have been a little hesitant about using them to ship parts to people. I'll definitely stick with UPS or Fed-Ex. Hopefully you get your wheels or you get the full amount of the wheels reimbursed.

Good luck with the situation! I hope it works out in your favor.
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I had to ship some ground effects with greyhound because they were so big and my experiance was good as well. But anything can happen! I hope they find them or you get reimbursed
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Sounds like a bus driver has a new pair of shoes. Sorry man.
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that sucks, it costs less than 200 shipping fedex or ups. i shipped 4 wheels from NY to Cali and it was around 160-170 insured and arrived in 4 days on a Saturday.
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i only ship rims usps parcel post total is 150.00 insured and tracked
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Decades ago, Greyhound was the only convenient way for the general public to ship large packages. I remember my dad picking up large items sent by his sister in California during the 60s. We were always warned when visiting Aunt Olga's house to NEVER say that you liked something or she would send it home with you or ship it later. My mother slipped up and mentioned that she liked some artwork. A month later when we got home, it showed up at the Greyhound station. My dad mentioned that he had bought a pool table and was shopping for a light. My aunt had a large custom leaded glass light made in Mexico, hauled it across to San Diego, and shipped it on Greyhound. It took two guys on ladders to hold it up while a third person, my dad, hung it.
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That sucks! Sorry to hear!
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I've sent around 1000lbs worth of belongings worht around $3k through Greyhound before. Everything got to its destination a few days earlier than I had expected and only a few little things broke (my fault). Truth is, with Greyhound it is hit or miss and the only reason I used them was because I was broke.

I'm sure they will find your wheels soon.
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