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Mens Fashion Discussion: Graphic Tees

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Old 03-02-10, 09:47 PM   #16
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i like the pima cotton v-neck's from AX and BR
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Good stuff. And some I hadn't heard of. I forgot Ben Sherman. Have a few of his tees and dress shirts. To me the blue Cremieux I'm wearing above is casual but I can rock it to a club our ot at a restaurant with wifey. Its the super bright colors and skulls everywhere that I can't feel.
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Old 03-02-10, 11:42 PM   #18
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Perry Ellis does some excellent polo shirts, I have no idea if there are Ts or what they're like.
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Old 03-03-10, 12:33 AM   #19
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I'm amused with Lil4X...I have a similar dress policy.

I hit up the local surf shops for their house brand advertisement T's. Usually reasonable at sub $20 and on sale for $12-$16 long or short sleeved.

Then these to promote F@H: At $6.95 these are some pretty nice T's.

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Old 03-03-10, 12:48 PM   #20
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Default has some very cool designs.

Find myself rocking plain pima t's from bananarepublic and my atmopshere tour tee most. A few from lucky and a nightmare before xmas tee from disneyland and my la dodger tee. Also picked up a merona(?) brand plain tee at target, surprisingly well made and soft, esp for the price. Not one for bedazzler'd or busy shiny gold or silver shirts. My job is very casual dress so it's always t's or polos and jeans.

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Maybe its just me but I used to rock big logos and the like years ago. I even either stored my big logo "Jordan" or "Marvel comics" gear or gave it to charity.

Today if its not a Yankees shirt or SELOC it won't have a big logo. If people want to rock it (and they are its pretty amazing to see its popularity these past few years) that is fine and it doesn't bug me. The main logo you see is a Yankees cap on my head.

I don't like large labels and I even prefer my polo shirt to have monotone embroidery. Where I'm from people know what I rock

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Old 03-03-10, 04:14 PM   #22
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90% of the shirts i wear out are buffalo, so comfortable and great material
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Old 03-03-10, 04:28 PM   #23
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I use to be into brands like Undefeated, Bape, BBC, and Huf. But I figured why the heck would you spend so much on t-shirts? I guess you can check out for their daily $10 shipped t-shirts. Some of their designs are ok. But lately, it kind of sucks. Good quality though since American Apparels manufactures the shirt itself.

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Old 03-03-10, 04:32 PM   #24
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I like the Penguin t-shirts by Munsingwear:

They have a lot of ugly stuff as well though, so I don't really buy anything other than t-shirts from them, even at that I don't always find a whole lot that I like. Not too flashy or anything but hey, I dont need attention, I'm not a chick! I'm kidding (sorta... haha)!

I like to keep things pretty clean and simple so I'm not so fond of many "designer" brands with too much going on with them. I do like skulls though!

My mom still buys me clothes and no I'm not 12, but she just always think my bro and I need it for some reason. Needless to say I have a closet full of Lucky Brand, Buffalo, Monacrhy, Guess, etc. stuff that I don't wear!

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Old 03-03-10, 07:12 PM   #25
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I don't like to leave the house in any shirt that doesn't have a collar.
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Originally Posted by caddyowner View Post
I don't like to leave the house in any shirt that doesn't have a collar.
Well I rock my french cuffs when needed. But I certainly am not a 24hr banker. I also don't just work out to cover it all up!
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Funny to read this... I am actually in the process of starting a clothing line selling graphic tees. Basically they are as described in the very first post - washed out style without that stupid Affliction/ skulls and crossbones all over them

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Old 03-04-10, 08:24 PM   #28
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i just got this one

i usually wear what I like. brand doesnt really matter to me...
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Old 03-06-10, 10:07 PM   #29
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i like designer stuff, but I can't spend $60 bucks on a T-Shirt! I know non-graphic T-Shirts from Gucci and Prada is like $80-100 for a plain T-Shirt which just as crazy to me... T-shirts should be no more than 30 bucks IMO!

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