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$2,000 to spend, what coilovers? SC300

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Old 09-09-13, 06:22 PM   #31
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id also look into HSD Coilovers I went with them for my soarer(sc). And have not looked back. Lots of supra/sc guys in my area run them cost me $1400.00 Canadian bought local
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honestly personally Id go PBM or Stance, if you arent trying to go too low Stance since PBM's at their highest point are fairly low already.
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Old 09-27-13, 03:26 PM   #33
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Stance! I was scared because of the name but turned out AMAZING!
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Old 09-28-13, 12:39 AM   #34
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I really like my Gixxer_Drew suspension. Since I often drive on really badly maintained roads I've seriously considered taking out my FR600lb-in & RR325lb-in springs and reinstalling them with 500lb-in front and 250lb-inch rear springs.

The handling with the 600/325 is fantastic, however. And it's reliable. I could care less about the ride height. Mine looks like it's at OEM height and what's good for optimum suspension geometry is good for me
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Old 09-28-13, 03:25 PM   #35
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I have been driving around for a few years now slammed and seek to raise it back up whenever i get a chance..... My car is so low that everything on the lower half gets raped by road junk, not to mention whenever there is a rock in the road im takin it with me.

That being said i agree with above about suspension geometry,
Also feel I could tuck corners alot better with a little bit more height back

fyi i have been running supra spec tein SS for like 40k. My car has always been a tad bouncy but rides comparable to newer suspension of 50k+ cars I have driven. Just with the added weight of the sc

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Old 09-29-13, 04:12 AM   #36
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Fourth, Fifth and Sixth vote for Gixxer Drew suspension. I can lower mine as low as I want, or until the tire hits the top of the fender. Ride is better than any jap spec coilover and handling is much better. The Teins I had would skip over bumps and the car would slide, the bilstiens keep the tire on the same road and I really cant get the car to slide in the dry. Rebuildable at Bilstien for $20 per shock to any valving/spring rate you can imagine. If you want to drag or drift or grip setup later, just change the spring rate, send them in and $80 later a pro custom setup is the result. For $100 per shock, The only way to get better than this is to get a full custom Penske or Ohlins. Moton and KW are more than decent too. Nothing listed in this thread can compete with the bilstien for the price.

BTW FYI, More races have been won on Bilstien in any class of motorsport than all other suspension companies combined. <-Fact
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Old 09-29-13, 08:57 AM   #37
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im surprised noone mentioned D2's, i just installed them in mine but havent tried em out yet, ii wanted a d2 air system but i dont have that kinda money. i hear bc is good for the sc too.
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Old 10-08-13, 03:57 PM   #38
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Pbm is on a couple of my friends rides and they are top notch. I've had Megan EZ before. Not a horrible coilover setup but they do tend to be pretty soft in standard rates. Anyone can change springs and revalve. Heck, even tein HA coilovers are amazing. Plenty of choices; just go with what you want. You won't drive like anyone else anyway so....
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Old 07-24-14, 06:49 AM   #39
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What coils would be best and survive nyc roads?
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Buy megans so you can spend the remaining $1400 on a swap lol. Seriously, no reason to invest some BIG money coilovers in this car. Most people hold on to these cars for a year or two then get rid of them. You're talking $1000 or so of your hard earned money. So great, you just slammed your car but it's slow as 500mb of ram. If you put some power in that car, you'll enjoy it so much more and will probably hold on to it.
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Old 07-30-14, 02:31 PM   #41
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nyc roads SUCK!!!!!!
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Old 07-30-14, 02:32 PM   #42
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i got BC on my gs great coils .Gonna get BC for my sc300 with swifts
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Tein comfort sport matches the way the car should be. But that's just what I've heard.
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This is over 2 years old... Surely he's gotten what he needs.
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Really depends on what the car is intended to be used for....I would go for KW for road racing without a doubt....If just looking for car to be lowered purely for looks why not go with TEIN streets
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