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Michelin A/S+ Run Flats or NON Run Flats

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Originally Posted by FLYCT View Post

If I only had the one SC 430 and had removed the run flats and installed the Conti DWS tires I would be ecstatic. They blow away the run flats for comfort and smoothness.

Being I have another SC with new Michelin Super Sports to do a side by side comparison I am just reporting that the Michelins ride smoother and BTW a little less tire noise. I have a very sensitive butt to vibration and the DWS tires shake a little for a few minutes after bring parked where the Michelins do not. Just my observation.

If I lived up north, where is snows occasionally, I would not even consider the Michelin Pilot Super Sports as they are summer tires. My choices would be either the Continental DWS or Michelin Pilot A/S for additional traction..

I put Continental DW's (not DWS) on my Toyota Avalon and I was disappointed with the tire noise but very happy with traction in heavy rain. Everything in life is a trade off.

I am with Flyct on the DWS. They're better than the Pirelli RFTs they replaced but they do flat spot a bit. Takes about 5 mins of driving to settle down. But i am good with them.
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OBP good recommendation. How's your LED project?
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Another recommendation for the Conti DWS or DW. 3,000 Miles on my set and they're up there with Michelin Pilots and Pirelli Pzero for a fraction of the cost.
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Originally Posted by iolmaster View Post
I have had the DWS tires now for about 3 years now and I live in Virginia where it is now 18 degrees. I have heard the issues of flat spotting from other sources also. I have never sensed a flat spot no matter how cold it has been. I'm not saying others are wrong, but it does seem odd that I have never noticed anything even remotely similar. I drive my SC every day so it is not a situation that I am missing the cold days or just driving on warm top down days.

My 07 SC430 with DWS tires was parked in garage for 2 weeks while I was out of town. Today it was 80 degF when I took it out of the garage. Shakes from Flat spots was horrible for about the first 15-20 minutes of driving, both at slow speeds 25mph, and high speeds 70mph. After 20 minutes or so shakes resolved.

Following day shaking from flat spotting was barely noticeable and resolved within 5 minutes. So it seems at least from my observation that amount of time parked is more critical than OAT (Outside Air Temp)

My 08 with Michelin Pilot Super Sports drove smooth as glass after being parked for 2 weeks,

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hello from Australia. Here, the sc430 came with non run flats and a space saver spare. I had bridgestone potenza adrenalin tyres on my sc430. they are a sports performance tyre and worked well, albeit at anything above 100 kl per hour. when they wore out, i replaced them with a firestone touring tyre(being an ex-tyre fitter, something i would NEVER have done years ago), and they seem to perfectly match the sc430 suspension. v happy
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I have the Pirelli RFTs newly installed on my recently purchased SC 430. Road noise and handling is excellent but driving over large potholes and big bumps the ride is terrible. I have about 500 miles on the tires and would love to trade them for Bridgestone serenity tires. The Pirelli's cost about $1100 so anyone in the NYC area who wants to make a reasonable offer I'll let them go so I can spend the extra money on the serenity tires.

I had the Bridgestone serenity tires on my last SC 430 (I lost that car in hurricane Sandy) and it drove almost as smoothly as my LS.
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I bought my fabulous 2004 SC 3 months ago and after reading a ton online I threw on Continental tires last Friday. The difference is incredible. It now drives like a luxury sports car, smoother, quieter, better handling.....
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Just a quick mention...my friend who got the AS plus rft tells me they wore out at 20k. I'm on my 2nd set of as plus non run flat. the first lasted 35k and the costco guys said theyd put more miles on them before replacing...but they were getting loud for me even though tread life remained
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Default Continental Pure Contact

I recently upgraded to Continental Pure Contact non run flat tires for my sc430. My goal was quiet and smooth. The pure contacts delivered! Amazing tires with very low resistance. Highly recommended.
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My 05 sc430 came with a new set of Kumho RFT's, right from the start I did not like the ride or road noise. I spent hours reading all of the posts here before I replaced my tires. (Only lasted 15k miles due to an alignment issue) I was torn between the Conti's and the Michelin. In the end I went with Micheline polit sport A/S + Non run flat. OMG ...... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Car rides like a dream, no more tracking all over the road, no more road noise or harsh bumps / curbs. I read that it made a huge difference to go with non run flat tires and now I' m living the dream. I put on new chrome rims at the same time, now my sc feels as good as it looks!
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I had the same issues with the original tires, tracking, noise, rough ride etc... I went with the Michelins too, but I got the run flats and I love them! Very quiet, no tracking and a great ride. Plus no worries about being cought on the side of a dark road with a flat tire.
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Default Continental Choices

Based on analyses from Consumer Reports, the Continental Pure Contact rides quieter and smoother than the DWS (or Michelin A/S) . In addition, they have much lower rolling resistance and much longer tread life. I have 5000 miles on them with my SC and and very happy to date. Ask your tire shop to use Hunter Road Force for balancing; it make for a very smooth, quiet ride.
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I bought my Lexus with the Bridgestones RFT. I hated the road noise and was getting flats relatively frequently. I swapped them for the Michelin Pilot A/S Plus and the noise greatly reduced and I got substantially fewer flats. I am replacing the tires as they wore out in about 25 - 30K miles (my wheels weren't properly aligned for a portion of the time and I didn't rotate them). I am going with the same Michelins.

I put non-RFT Michelins on my previous Lexus. These lasted 50 - 60K miles and were great for noise, handling and, of course, durability. It had come with Pirelli's and lasted about 20K miles.
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Just put a set of Michelin PS AS run flat tires on my 02 sc430
Wow such a nice difference smooth and quiet and peace of mind
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I didn't really want to dive into another thread, but this is something I wrote about in another thread... this is what I shared:

When it comes to tires, whatís the most important thingÖ what do YOU want the car to do? How do you want it to perform? My understanding is you want the car to hold corners tight and perform coming out of them. You need a high performance tire. These tires have a low Mileage Warranty (20k), because theyíre soft to grab the road. And if theyíre grab often, youíll be lucky to get 20k out of them. The last set I bought were over $1400 out the door (Iíll talk about this more later)

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS (Dry, Wet & Snow). May be a good choice as an all season tire at its price point. But theyíre not going to give you what you want. If itís necessary to use the car during the bad winter months, Iíd suggest getting serious winter tires on some less expensive wheels. Then when youíre sliding around youíll not damage the good wheels. In reading about the Continentalís on their website, it left me with questions how that tire would actually provide a cars need in the life of the tire. Kind of a silly concept. When talking to my brother (he use to manage a tire center at Costco) and my niece (she owns & manages a Big O tire center), they both said the Michelin's are a much better tire than the Continental. My brother said he don't understand why somebody would want to put them on a SC, and would attempt to talk them into the Michelin's.

Iíve put 3 sets of tires on my SC. The first two sets were Michelin Pilot Sport PS2ís, 20k. The wear life is short (I think I got 23k), however they grab the road like glue. Handling and braking was excellent, but they lacked comfort in that they were a little noisy and would grab grooves in the road (pulling the car).

The third set of tires and current are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus (45k). The wear life so far is better (that was expected, theyíre 45k tires. Not as soft) and I thought the handling would be affected, but these tires have been a complete surprise. The hold the ground practically as good, Iíve never felt any slipping, even in the rears, but braking isnít as good. I feel this was more do to the coilover and lowering upgrade. The comfort is amazing, their low noise and donít follow grooves in the road. Hands down these are my favorite tires. But, these tires come at a cost of over $100 each more than the Continentalís.

Living in Southern California I don't have to consider snow tires. I'm lucky to be able to have the same tires year round.

Honestly, these Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus are awesome tires.

Best regards,
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