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ultimate sc accessory!

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Default Re: ultimate sc accessory!

Originally posted by kmn5
Who in their sane state of mind would even use a LEXUS Coupe as a tow vehicle???
Have to agree, I would never use a Lexus coupe for towing -- I use my Lexus Convertible instead...

Naw, 'fraid not. I considered it, but I have a LWB recumbent and an upright carrier for a standard trailer hitch - the bike would tower 2m over the car. But the bike+carrier needs to be anchored with tie-downs to prevent flexing. I'll be d******d if
I'm going to use the trunk (makes it hard to put the top down, risks damaging the mechanism), and the bumper hooks are too low and too narrow... sigh.

But it would make a great picture.

Someday maybe a trailer for the bike, but not yet.
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Originally posted by pcmw

Hey, nothing wrong with the utility of the hitch, but can't say I would have one on an SC. "Tggoodrich" has one for sale in the classified, maybe it is his ebay ad. Not really a laughing subject either, I am sure there are things on your car that others think is hilarious. Just be nice, everyone has needs that may differ from yours.

Yeah, what he said.
I had the hitch on there for 6 months. I race motocross and would tow a little converted jet ski trailer with my bike on it. Being a poor enlisted person (was, now a poor college student ), it was my only option. I have now saved up for a truck, but have also sold the dirt bike. I will still get the truck to use as a winter vehicle so I don't have to take my baby out on rainy or snowy days.
Believe me though, I hated that hitch every time I looked at my car and I was kind of embarassed. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Now just to get some supra tt wheels on there instead of the stock fin wheels

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My friend in germany had a trailer hitch on his ferrari...
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Originally posted by Sc4oo

This is from the Yakima site.
Thanks a bunch for the rundown of parts, I wrote 'em down for future use. Ill need something for next winter. Seeing as how its already 80degrees here, Im getting ready for the summer time now. ...makes me wonder if anybody has something for a surfboard for the tops of our cars. Thatd be nice.
....OAN, A trailer hitch is a bit extreme on a Ferrari dont you guys think...?
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Originally posted by Dimcorner
you should look around the net for the pic of the NSX towing the RX7 to the race track...
Has anyone found this yet?
I tried but no luck!
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That fat chick makes me wanna puke.
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Damnit. I want a jetski now.
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Im not positive but im pretty sure.... That the Supra you see pulling those tires is for Auto X ... supposly you can only use tires that YOU bring, you can't use tires that someone brings for you... if that makes since.
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OMG. I just realized how old this thread is.
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damn this is hella old, maybe its just me but even if I raised the rear end of my car with a waverunner behind. Getting that thing down a boat ramp would be a joke. I would think the water would be up to my doors by the time you had enough depth to launch that thing. Let alone get it back on. But maybe i've just never seen it done, and i'm completely wrong.
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Thats awesome. I've had a roof rack on all my cars except the sc. Looks pretty good though.
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Dude wuts up with that chick!
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i want a roof rack for my sc. i go snowboarding all the time. i cant fit more then two boards inside. so i have a huge car with a tiny interior, tiny trunk and only room for two boards and two people. Yakima here i come.
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well, just to bring the thread back to life...i'll do what i can..

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