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92 SC400 money pit, bought a buy here pay here lemon.

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I feel ur pain! I'm stuck with a 93 sc4 same story life lesson I guess.
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Got it out of the shop today.

First surprise, it had a gray interior, I had thought it was tan lol.

Apparently my blower motor was good, there is a short somewhere though. So, now i must take it to an auto electric place to have the short found.

Need new radio and AC control unit.

Need new gauge cluster.

Need new tires.

Need 4 wheel alignment.

Those are the immediate fixes necessary. I get a weird noise from the passenger side front tire sometimes when I turn the wheel. Ideas?
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Hey man, it happens. I heard and read more stories of guys finding great deals on these cars, so when I went to Dallas to get mine, I thought I had found a good deal too. It had a small coolant leak, but I didnt think much of it. I drove it back to Memphis TN without a problem. Well as you all know the leak got worse, but before I could get the coolant leak fixed, I began to have a pretty bad oil leak. Long story short, the 93 sc400 that I thought was a good deal at that time cost me $1600.00 more than what I originally paid for. That's on top of the other usual repairs, and replacement stuff. In hind sitght I said I could have bought the other sc 400 I was looking at that cost about that much more. When buying a used car you have to do your homework, have a little luck, and don't rush. I figured this out after I spent the money, but I like the car a lot, and now that it's not leaking fluids I'm enjoying driving the car as I fix it. Good luck in whatever you choose to do with the car.
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Originally Posted by StiCk3 View Post
yikes that's a tough situation! If you're really dedicated to rebuilding car start with just the bare essentials and work your way up. I would start with the wheel and tire situation, then the gauge needles, then the exhaust as long as nothing else major doesn't happen. If i was in your shoes i would keep the car together until you get through college. Once college is done and over with you'll have more time to work at a better job and more time to get what you want. Keep the car and save up for a car in better condition than what you have and then pick that up. Don't get too attached to a car that is too far gone (which in all honesty sounds like what you have). Be patient and just keep piling money up on the side for a period of time and find a project worth diving into.

For parts keep an eye on the classifieds here on CL, on SupraForums, Supramania, and on local Indiana forums for stuff to pop up. Don't give up hope just because you bought a bad car, just work with what you have and wait for good things to pop up. Good luck!
^^^ very good point! and we're here to help out any way we can, you should also check out the "sticky" at the top of the pages, as check out the build threads, etc. Get her running right, and then move on to other stuff. Take your time, our cars can get expensive...the key is not to do too much, too soon. You'll go broke that way! If you get a chance, post up some pics.

GL and keep us posted,

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This thread seems to amaze younger people to buy these types of cars. People if it a good deal, thats exaclty what it is, a good deal for you in the eye of the beholder, and for the seller. They price them low to move on to another project, and not tell the whole story about the vehicle. It sometimes saddens me when I see a good deal, and I think to myself, its prolly a lemon for so cheap. To give you an example, I have a 1992 SC400 that I have had for sale for 2 months. Had several phone calls, and three people come drive it, but no one wants to buy it. I am asking $1600 firm. with only 133k. It has few issues, but I wouldnt hesiate to drive it anywhere.
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try replacing the cig lighter fuse to fix the ac. it worked for me. if not i have another ac head unit i can sell to u for cheap
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Default Cig lighter perfect position and size for shorting out

Originally Posted by sc400love View Post
try replacing the cig lighter fuse to fix the ac. it worked for me. if not i have another ac head unit i can sell to u for cheap
I recall having this issue a couple of years ago. We don't have the cig lighter itself (I think they collect them at the border now at the checkpoint where they ask about produce you are bringing into California). I had the charger adapter out and probably tossed change carelessly into the ash tray (now change holder). It shorted the fuse and we lost power to the climate control. So, yes, by all means look to see if that fuse is blown.
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The car is 21 ys old. Consider that and decide how much more you are willng to invest. They are great cars but you bought year no 1.
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The biggest mistake you made was going to a car lot....they are almost always bad deals. I got my 92 SC 400 for $2000 on craigslist...I've put $1300 into it since then not including a stereo. My opinion is if you don't have the cash to buy it out right, don't even bother. Only use credit in an emergency. Should have bought a $1000 camry or something reliable and saved.
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yes a word to the wise I hope many will hear
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I would take the loss man.... I don't exactly want to say what i paid for mine, but with what i got for the price i paid, you should have gotten twice the car you got for that price.
that is my sc300 that i bought about 2 months ago.
As terrible as it sounds to eat the loss, I really don't see how on your budget you will be able to restore the car to what you want. Its always nice to have a parts car afterall (I know i'm constantly doing little DIY jobs on mine and have hit every junkyard in 50 miles)

Edit: i would put enough money into it to keep it driving (so long as its cheap) and save up for a new one. I've seen stock blocks going pretty cheap around here on the forums.

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sell it and buy a honda. seriously, get out while you can
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and have someone that knows a thing or two look at that before you pull the trigger
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